Our Executive Team

Robert Sayles

President [email protected]

Austin Carrillo

Executive Director [email protected]

Ryan Weber

Managing Director of Corporate Affairs [email protected]

Community Operations

Eddie Goff

Director of Community Operations [email protected]

Kyle Kovacs

Community Manager [email protected]

Cameron Leonard

Community Manager [email protected]

Dillon Marshall

Flight Instructor [email protected]

Technology and Web Infrastructure

Jason Mullins

Managing Director of Technology Affairs [email protected]

Jamie Newman

Manager of Web Design/Technical Support [email protected]

Deonte Palmer

Manager of Cyber Security/ Web Infrastructure [email protected]

Marketing and Communications

RJ Toth

Managing Director of Marketing/Communications [email protected]

Board of Directors

Robert Sayles

President [email protected]

Ryan Weber

Board of Director/Outreach/Legal [email protected]

Matthew Keane

Board of Director/Finance [email protected]

Derek George

Board of Director/Operations/Technology Innovation [email protected]